Drugs and the Mind – Robert S. de Ropp (1957) Rare First Edition

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  • “Drugs and the Mind” by Robert S. de Ropp
  • A rare first edition published in 1957
  • Subjects include:
  • Foreward by Dr Nathan S. Kline
  • Mind and Matter
  • The Mind and Mescaline
  • The Mind and Marihuana
  • Adicts and Addictions
  • The Chemistry of Madness
  • Sick Minds, New Medicines
  • Brews Strange, and Brews Familiar
  • The Shape of the Future

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“Drugs and the Mind” by Robert S. de Ropp, a rare first edition published in 1957, offers a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between psychoactive substances and human consciousness. Delving into the realm of pharmacology, psychology, and spirituality, de Ropp provides a comprehensive analysis of various drugs and their effects on the mind and body. Through meticulous research and personal anecdotes, he examines the historical, cultural, and scientific dimensions of drug use, shedding light on the allure and dangers of mind-altering substances. From the therapeutic potential of psychedelics to the risks of addiction and dependency, “Drugs and the Mind” offers readers a thought-provoking journey into the complex relationship between drugs and human experience, challenging conventional notions and inspiring deeper introspection.




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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 20x14x3 cm
Pages: 312
First edition: Yes
Publisher: The Scientific Book Club
Year: 1957
Weight: 388 grams
Condition: Very good

Very good condition: This book is nearly 70 years old and is in brilliant a condition for its age. Apart from the small scuffing to the corners (as pictured) there doesn’t seem to be any imperfections. Please contact us for more information

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