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In the zone — how cannabis helps us unlock flow state

Emily Ledger

February 22, 2024

4 minute read

Psilocybe natalensis — A South African psychedelic mushroom making waves

Sam Gandy

February 20, 2024

4 minute read

Seeds in medical cannabis — the latest issue facing patients

Emily Ledger

February 15, 2024

4 minute read

The best grinders for medical cannabis patients

Liam O’Dowd

February 13, 2024

4 minute read

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App launches feature to connect medical cannabis patients directly with doctors

Kevin Dinneen

February 21, 2024

2 minute read

woman sleeping comfortably in bed after consuming cannabis

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3 minute read

Cannabis medicines “significantly improve sleep quality” insomnia study finds

Psilocybin mushrooms in storage jar on wooden surface

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2 minute read

Psychedelic use may improve sexual function, study finds

woman checking a potentially cancerous mole on her back

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2 minute read

Cannabis extract effective at killing skin cancer cells, study finds

cannabis leaf sign in neon outside bangkok cannabis store

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< 1 minute read

Thai government says it is set to ban recreational cannabis use

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buildings in barcelona gothic quarter

What’s the deal with cannabis clubs in Barcelona?

man holding dry herb vaporiser

Three study-backed reasons to switch to a dry herb vaporiser

close upof man in cannabis club showing a jar of cannabis to a member

will the UK legalise cannabis

Is the UK any closer to legalising cannabis?

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woman itching due to chronic skin condition such as acne, psoriasis or eczma

Can medical cannabis be prescribed for chronic skin conditions?

Woman Sitting On Friend's Shoulders At Music Festival

Worried about attending an event with medical cannabis?

man with back pain

Can medical cannabis help with back pain?

woman having a migrane

Could medical cannabis help manage my migraines?

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senior man using driving simulator after smoking cannabis

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LSD blotter cut into smaller pieces to create a microdose

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2 minute read

LSD microdosing shows antidepressant effects in double-blind study

close up of hands rolling cannabis joint

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Almost half of cancer survivors in the US report using cannabis at least once during treatment

woman sitting on the bed in the morning

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2 minute read

Cannabis improves Major Depressive Disorder symptoms, study finds