Tinymight 2 Vaporiser

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Thick and tasty vapour from a pocket size vapouriser used to be a dream, but thanks to the Tinymight 2, it’s now a reality. This beautifully designed vaporiser is the device that will make you switch from combustion and never look back. Order from leafie and get a free 2nd battery!
  • Powerful convection oven
  • 3-second heat up time
  • Precision-controlled temperature range
  • High-speed USB-C charging
  • On-demand and session modes
  • Replaceable battery

Only 2 left in stock

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The Tinymight 2 dry herb vaporiser is an absolute game-changer in the portable device category. Designed and built in Finland, this pocket-sized vaporiser is made from quality materials including aluminium and American Walnut.

Well renowned for producing thick, tasty hits of vapour, the Tinymight 2 works as both an on-demand vaporiser and as the perfect device for laid-back at home sessions. The Tinymight 2 can do it all.

The updated 2024 version is the latest iteration of the Tinymight, building on the device that has been delighting herb consumers since 2019. The Tinymight 2 comes up to heat in just 3 seconds, thanks to a more powerful convection-based oven. Charging is quick thanks to its USB-C quick-charge port. Temperature control has been improved and given a wider range and the new device comes with a built-in multitool for packing, stirring and emptying your herbs.

Why we love it

If we’re honest, we slept on the Tinymight 2 vaporiser for quite a while. Over and over again we heard from our community that this was a giant-slayer of a device, and boy were they right.

The Tinymight really is tiny yet mighty, producing top-quality vapour that rivals the market leaders. It’s a stunning bit of kit, the American Walnut wood finish feels elegant and smooth in your hand and keeps things cool. What really makes this vaporiser outstanding is its versatility, its small enough to carry in your pocket (with a smart bag to hold it) but powerful enough to use as your day-to-day vaporiser on longer sessions.

Don’t ignore this vaporiser like we did, it will delight beginners and seasoned users alike, and is perfect for both medical patients and recreational consumers.


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Size: 88 x 61 x 37 mm (without tip)
Weight: 186g
Construction materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, quartz glass, wood
Warranty: 3 years

Package contains:

Tinymight 2 thermal extraction device
55 mm glass tube
Cooling unit
1 battery + 1 free extra battery
Spare parts kit including o-rings and screens
Charging cable USB-C to USB-C
Carrying pouch
Instructions manual

To load your Tinymight 2 turn the vaporiser upside down, pull out the tube and place the herb on the mesh. Push the tube back into the unit while upside down. Select your desired temperature (we recommend starting with 6 or 7).

Press and hold the side button until you feel a vibration, then inhale slowly from the glass tube.

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