The Politics of Ecstasy – Timothy Leary (1st Edition 1970)

Works that gleam with the revolutionary psychedelic movement. Timothy Leary wrote The Politics of Ecstasy, which spans the time from his Harvard days to the ‘Summer of Love’, and is considered his most significant and intriguing examination of human consciousness. It includes his early statements regarding the psychedelic movement as well as his opinions of the social and political implications of mystical and psychedelic experiences.  

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Messiah, martyr, and high priest of the psychedelic, Dr Timothy Leary speaks out in this extraordinary testament.

Dr Leary was first plunged into the mind-expanding visionary maelstrom one sunny afternoon in Cuernavaca, when he ate a handful of sacred mushrooms; in this startlingly candid collection of essays in defence of the ecstasy he discovered for the first time that afternoon are the documents of his own spiritual search and the fantastic entrance to the psychedelic world.

‘Dr Leary is a hero of American consciousness.’

“Timothy Leary is the sanest, funniest, wisest man I’ve ever met’


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Measurements: 225x120x27mm
Format: Paperback
Pages: 301
First edition: Yes
Publisher: Paladin
Year: 1970
Weight: 240 g

Great condition. If it wasn’t for the very small amount of wear on the edge of the spine I would have classified it as ‘like new’.

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