Krush Kube 3.0 Grinder

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The Krush Kube 3.0 is one of the best grinders on the market for medical patients, thanks to its easy-to-grip ergonomic design and clever tooth pattern. The direction of your twist will determine the size of the grind, giving you the choice of fine or coarse. The lid is square in shape, making it easier to grip than conventional round grinders.
  • Grind fine or coarse with one grinder
  • Easy to grip and twist
  • Made from 6064 anodized aluminium
  • Consistent fluffy ground flowers

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Shredding your herbs has never been so easy!

The innovative tooth design in this 3-piece grinder allows herbs and flowers to fluff up during the process. The “fluffing” makes the perfect particle size for consumption, allowing the perfect air ratio to flow through your joint or vaporiser.

The new design of the Krush Kube 3.0 also features a sift screen.

Krush grinders are square in form and perfectly gentle in your hands. Smooth contours are easy to turn, no matter how dense the flower material is.

This 3-piece Kube grinder is durable, innovative and beautiful.

Why we love it

For years grinders came in one style and one style only – Round. But for some people, the round design means reduced grip, making it harder to turn and harder to medicate. The Krush Kube 3.0 is tactile and easier to grip than round grinders. What’s more, the innovative lid is perfect for distributing your perfectly ground herb into a vaporiser or joint. Magnets hold everything together, meaning its easy to open when in use, making this the ideal grinder for patients who struggle with grinders that require a screwing or twisting motion. The Krush Kube grinder is well made, incredibly stylish and competitively priced in a world of increasingly expensive cannabis accessories.

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6063 anodized aluminium
55mm x 55mm x 35mm
170 grams

The Krush Kube 3.0 is an easy to use and versatile grinder. First, beak apart bigger buds into smaller chunks, and place the broken up buds into the teeth of the grinder. Replace the lid and twist 10-15 times, turning anti-clockwise will produce a finer grind, while only turning clockwise will produce a coarser consistency. You can then separate the collection chamber from the main body of the grinder where you will find your herbs ready to use!

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